Transylvania: a small, peaceful county in medieval Europe. In this land, there is a legend about the one known as Dracula.

"Every hundred years, when the power of Christ wanes, the demon lord Dracula will be resurrected by the prayers of men with wicked hearts. And with each revival, his supernatural power grows stronger."

Once in the past, Dracula had been restored into the world. However, Dracula's ambition to enshroud the world in a cloud of darkness, and to reign over the darkness, was shattered by the hero Christopher Belmondo.

It has been almost a century since Dracula perished again in the remote countryside of Transylvania, after losing his fatal battle with Christopher Belmondo. On Easter night, the town was hosting a grand carnival to commemorate the resurrection of Christ. However, at the ruined monastery on the outskirts of the town, a cult of heretics were holding a Black Mass ceremony, pouring fresh human blood onto the remains of Count Dracula in an attempt to revive his immortal spirit.

Then, as an evil thundercloud enveloped the town, at the moment a bolt of lightning pierced the monastery, Dracula, the demon lord with dark ambitions, once again returned to the world.

To end this cataclysm, Simon, a young man who inherits the blood of the Belmondo clan, embarks for Castle Dracula alone, holding the whip with the mysterious power of his father.


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Produced By Screenplay By
Konami Vram Stoker
Directed By Music By
Trans Fishers (Hitoshi Akamatsu) James Banana (Kinuyo Yamashita)
             (Satoe Terashima)