AD 2016: The federal government, facing an increased population crisis, approves development of a space colony project.

AD 2019: The federal government appointed Colony CO5 as the military fortress. Many military androids were sent there. They were found to be defective. Numerous problems occurred in the military.

AD 2020: The federal government installed a supercomputer in Colony CO5 to control the androids. Android military troops were made and trained against the invading aliens. The federal military had reduced their soldiers and became weakened.

AD 2030: The fruits of man's intelligence have gone out of control.


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● Character & Item Guide
Heroes, weapons, and enemies.

● Miscellaneous Notes

Control idiosyncrasies, elevator manipulation, and final stage patterns.

● Replay Videos

One life clear and time attack replays.


Produce Special Thanks
Eikichi Kawasaki Hi-Side
Direct Oirabero
Deru-Deru (Seigo Itou) Poppyusan
Ousama Moriyan
Programmer Kaneshiro!
Shochan Kumasan
Sound Dimajin
Tate Norio (Yasuo Yamate) John Guso
Front Design Presented By
Higashipon SNK
Back Design  
OK Goo!  
Crazy Love